Pixels Camp

Code in the Dark

Pixels Camp v4.0 was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There were no Code in the Dark qualifiers in 2020.

The Qualifiers

Implementing the qualifier template using nothing but HTML and CSS is your ticket to fame. If you submit one of the eight best solutions, you're in to Code in the Dark in Pixels Camp. Yeah!

On stage, the audience will be your judge. Your screen will be up for everyone to see, and suffer with the code you're writing. When the timer is over, they'll vote based on how close you came to the perfect solution.

Stay tuned on the #codeinthedark slack channel.

The Competition

Code in the Dark is a thrilling competition where you get the chance to put your mad HTML and CSS skills to the ultimate test, by battling fellow frontend hackers in two 15-minute rounds for a place in the grand finale and, once there, to win.

Code in the Dark

On stage, all you have access to is a specially crafted text editor on which you must stay at all times. By no means you are allowed to leave this editor. You are also not allowed to use any measuring tools, nor any other thing besides your fingers to take measurements on the screen.

Browser previews are off limits. This means you won't see the end result until the timer reaches its end. That's the rule. Deal with it! 😎

The Dark Team, 2020